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These are just a small sampling of the positive comments our clients have provided. Everything you see is true and comes from real people.

Neck pain and migraines were with me since my teen years, have seen every type of Dr who had given me every type of meds and options ..even surgery was mentioned .. nothing worked, I would end up in the ER and it was horrible.. Now that I am getting adjusted I have not had a headache or an ER visit. Thank You.. Thank You.


I know this is crazy but I had 2 very tough pregnancy's before seeing Dr Joe, he treated my during my last 2 pregnancy's and it was smooth sailing, no back pain, no back labor .. It almost wants me to have another child .. almost.. :: )


Dr Joe & Staff Are GREAT ! I was in agony for a month and my Dr, yes my MD referred me to Dr Joe and a week later I was PAIN FREE !


I couldn't sleep for one year without getting up every hour, I had mentioned this to Dr. O'Brien during one of my routine visits and he checked my spine and organs and stated that I was deficient in some vitamins? He gave me some samples to try and after the FIRST day I slept 8 hours and never was without sleep again.. that was one year ago ! Thanks !


I was in pain in my lower back, sciatica weakness etc.. and after injections, medications and PT I was at my wits end. Some of my friends use Dr. Joe and they said "give him a try". I was reluctant but after 2 treatments the pain was gone. ! You Rock !


Shoulder and knee pain were part of my daily life, after they slowed me down enough to seek "alternative" help I sough out a Chiropractor, after a lot of research I ended up here at Dr. O'Brien's .. and no more pain and no more medication.



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