Ultrasound is a treatment that can be useful in speeding up the healing process of injured tissues. Ultrasound travels into the damaged tendons and muscles, causing the molecules to collide, resulting in a deep heating effect. This thermal reaction causes increased metabolic activity and vasodilation of the blood vessels, allowing for more nutrients and oxygen to reach the damaged tissues while washing away many of the pain producing chemicals. The thermal effects of ultrasound decrease pain of the damaged tissues. Ultrasound also has a mechanical effect on the tissues that possibly causes the breakdown of scar tissue.

During the first 24-48 hours of a soft tissue injury (the acute stage), the acronym "PRICES" is the preferred method of treatment to control the inflammatory response (Protect-Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation-Stabilize). Ice, not heat, should be utilized during this period of healing. Pulsed ultrasound can be utilized in the acute stages of an injury to break up scar tissue without the heating effects of continuous ultrasound.